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Invisible Leads Step-By-Step Instructional Manual
Invisible Leads

Invisible Leads Step-By-Step Instructional Manual

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Invisible Leads™. Our flagship course! A manual that will teach you how to get real estate leads by working with your local public records offices. You will learn:  

  • How to get some of the hottest leads including: divorce records, tax delinquent properties, eviction lists, probate lists, arrest records, water-shut off lists—all extremely HOT real estate Lists!
  • Why these leads are “invisible” to the average person
  • How to identify the exact type of leads you want (Plus, where you can get them)
  • The most common mistakes & how to avoid them (so that you can dominate your local market)
  • How to increase your success rate by using hard earned tips, from an insider who is in the trenches every day.
  • The most common laws applicable to your strategy
  • How amateurs can get burned by buying inferior leads from third parties
  • How public records are updated every day – so you can get an UNLIMITED supply of leads, evolved from years of insider experience
  • Plus, Lots more!



  • 104 pages
  • PDF Format